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PowerSchool is a web-based student information system providing real-time information to parents, students, faculty, staff and administrators - over the Internet. 

PowerSchool Parent Portal (link to  is available for your use. 

All parents/guardians must create a user account.

The username & password that you received by mail or at enrollment will be used to link your student to your account.  It will not allow you access to your students account until you create the account for the first time.  

After you create an account, that account will be the same for your access each year. No need to make a new account for any years following. 

Helpful tips on CREATING your account:

  1. Be sure to use the parent or guardian access letter.  If the letter is not addressed to the parent or guardian of XXXXXXX (X=student's name), then you don't have the parent letter.    (Call your student's school if you don't have the parent letter.)
  2. If there is a period somewhere in the user ID, it is actually a comma.  The line under the user ID makes it appear to be a period.
  3. The number one and the lower case letter L look exactly the same on the letter.  This could cause issues with access your students account.  If you have tried both, then please feel free to contact the school or the IT department for assistance.
  4.  Key the user ID and the password exactly as you see them.  If there are capitals then be sure to key as capitals.

*Call your student's school first if you don't have your letter or passwords needed to create the account.  Call the IT Department 785-379-5970 if you have trouble creating the account.

PowerSchool Parent Guide

PowerSchool also has an app that you can download on your mobile devices. Search PowerSchool in your AppStore or Google Play or following the links below:



The District Code is CRCN.

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