Preschool (ALL DAY)

All four Shawnee Heights USD 450 elementary schools offer a full-day preschool class. Children must undergo the screening process at any elementary school to determine eligibility. For dates, times, and locations of our next screenings, see our district's  Early Childhood page

Top 10 Things to Know About the USD 450 PreSchool Program

10. What is the preschool program?

In 2018 Shawnee Heights USD 450 began an all-day, state-supported preschool at all 4 elementary school buildings. All children can apply. At-risk students who typically have a higher need for school-readiness skills will be given priority.

9. Who can attend the preschool program?

USD 450 students that will be 4 years old (but not yet 5) on or before August 31st will be eligible to attend the preschool program in their home school. Students who turn 5 years old should attend kindergarten.

8. How do parents know what school is their "home" school?

The "home" school of a student is based on their attendance area. Find your attendance area by viewing the District Boundary Map or call Transportation at (785) 379-5820.

7. How large will the classes be?

There will be no more than 20 students in each classroom. The classroom will be staffed with a teacher licensed in early childhood education and 2 aides.

6. How long is the school year?

Preschool follows the district calendar. Preschoolers will attend school all day, 5 days a week.

5. What are the fees for this preschool program?

A fee of $220 per month, based on parent income, which includes payment for all breakfast, snacks, and lunch. The program is free for families who meet income eligibility guidelines.

4. Will there be transportation?

Preschool students will be eligible to ride the regular bus route with other elementary students.

3. When will I know if my child has been selected for the program?

Students will be selected, and parents will receive notification on whether or not their child has been accepted into the program by mid-May of the previous school year.

2. How do I enroll my child in the preschool program?

To enroll, your child must attend a PreK screening. Don't wait! Students can attend a screening at any of the elementary schools. Call the Special Services Office at (785) 357-5440 to schedule a screening date.

1. Who can I contact for additional questions and/or information?

Parents can contact their "home" school to ask any additional questions they may have.

10 Things to know about the USD 450 Preschool Program