Parent Involvement Policy


Tecumseh South Elementary School agrees to implement the following statutory requirements:

  • The school will jointly develop with parents, distribute to parents of participating children, a School Parental Involvement Policy that the school and parents of participating children agree on.

  • The school will notify parents about the School Parental Involvement Policy in an understandable and uniform format and, to the extent practicable, will distribute this policy to parents in a language the parents can understand.

  • The school will make the School Parental Involvement Policy available to the local community.

  • The school will annually update the School Parental Involvement Policy to meet the changing needs of parents and the school.

  • The school will adopt the school’s school-parent compact as a component of its School Parental Involvement Policy.

  • The school agrees to be governed by the following statutory definition of parental involvement, and will carry out programs, activities and procedures in accordance with this definition:

Parental involvement means the participation of parents in regular, two-way, and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities, including ensuring-

  • a. that parents play an integral role in assisting their child’s learning;

  • b. that parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education at school;

  • c. that parents are full partners in their child’s education and are included, as appropriate, in decision-making and on advisory committees to assist in the education of their child;

  • d. the carrying out of other activities, such as those described in section 1118 of the ESEA.


Tecumseh South Elementary School will take the following actions to involve parents in the joint development and joint agreement of its School Parental Involvement Policy and its school wide plan, if applicable, in an organized, ongoing, and timely way under section 1118(b) of the ESEA:
The following will be disseminated to parents for review through newsletters, informational meetings, advisory committees, and school site council:

  • School Parental Involvement Policy;

  • School-Parent-Student Compact;

  • Parent Notices as they apply to the Title I, Part A Non-Regulatory Guidance.

Tecumseh SouthElementary School will convene an annual meeting during the first quarter of the school year at a convenient time to inform parents of the following:

  • That their child’s school participates in Title I,

  • About the requirements of Title I,

  • Of their rights to be involved,

  • About their school’s participation in Title I.

Tecumseh South Elementary School will provide information about Title I programs to parents of participating children in a timely manner:

  • Newsletters;

  • “Back to School” Night;

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences;

  • “Sneak Peek”;

  • School Site Council;

Tecumseh South Elementary School will provide parents of participating children a description and explanation of the curriculum in use at the school, the forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress, the proficiency levels students are expected to meet, and an opportunity for parents of participating children to provide suggestions as practicably possible through:

  • School Site Council Meetings;

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences;

  • School Board Meetings;

  • Title I Annual Meetings;

  • IEP’s (Individual Education Plan);

  • Needs Assessment Surveys.

  • Parent Night



Tecumseh SouthElementary School will build the schools’ and parent’s capacity for strong parental involvement, in order to ensure effective involvement of parents and to support a partnership among the school involved, parents, and the community to improve student academic achievement, through the following activities specifically described below:

  • “Back to School” Night;

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences;

  • “Sneak Peek”;

  • School Site Council;

  • Tecumseh SouthElementary School will incorporate the school-parent-student compact as a component of its School Parental Involvement Policy and will be disseminated at “Back to School” night at the beginning of every school year.

Tecumseh SouthElementary School will, with the assistance of the district, provide assistance to parents of children served by the school in understanding topics such as the following:

  • The State’s academic content standards;

  • The State’s student academic achievement standards;

  • The State and Local Academic Assessments including alternate assessments;

  • The requirement of Title I;

  • How to monitor their child’s progress, and

  • How to work with educators.

Tecumseh SouthElementary School will, to the extent feasible and appropriate, ensure that information related to the school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities, is sent to the parent of participating children in an understandable and uniform format, including alternative formats upon request, and to the extent practicable, in a language the parents can understand.